Custom Embroidery

29th Jun 2020 Digital Printing

Whether you’re trying to promote a business or just looking for individual flair, there’s plenty of great reasons you might be looking into custom apparel. Of all the options for customized clothing items, few are as useful and unique as high-quality custom embroidery. However, there’s a world of difference between custom embroidery that cuts corners and work done by proper industry experts. At T&D Designs, we have the experience, equipment, and genuine care for our customers that adds up to the makings of a truly great custom design company. We’re proud of all the work that we do, and we want to bring it into your hands so you can be just as excited about it as we are.

One great utility you’ll find at T&D Design is the ability to make custom embroidery orders without a minimum purchase size. Large scale bulk orders are great for businesses or organizations, but if you’re looking for a more personal application, or even employee shirts for a small business, you might find yourself frustrated by custom apparel companies that require a large production number for any order that you make. We believe in offering our services to every variety of customer, and we extend the same focus on consistent quality and value no matter how larger or small your order is. Pricing will be affected by the style and stitch count of your design, but the amount of colors that need to be incorporated won’t affect the cost.

Of course, our services extend beyond just custom embroidery. We offer the newest technology in digital printing, which you can use to print designs and image directly to the surface of apparel. This is a great option for smaller orders that proves to be consistently efficient and affordable. We’re also experts in screen printing, a tried and true method of production that brings unparalleled vibrancy to every design. Screen printing uses machinery to fill open apertures in mesh stencils with ink to create images, and T&D Design invests in the latest and greatest in technology to bring you the best quality at the best cost. With our custom embroidery and printing services, there’s ultimately no wrong choice.

Is it finally time for you to get the custom embroidery services that you’ve been looking for? Perhaps you’re still deciding on what the best option for your custom designs would be, or maybe you’re unsure about the cost and amount of production that you’d be looking for. At T&D Design, we pride ourselves in providing free estimates for all of our services, so that you can fully understand what you’re committing to before you ever commit. Our website provides an avenue to submit media files of your artwork or design to request an informed quote, compatible with a variety of image file and vector options to make your submission as easy and versatile as it can be. You can also get in touch with our experts over the phone at (951) 303-5948. We look forward to hearing from you!