Embroidery Gift Ideas

27th Dec 2019 Digital Printing

Embroidery work is an art that is very beautiful and can be used on clothes, footwear, jewelry, and many more gifts. Not only is it one of the most creative forms of art, but also a personalized and customized way to pass a message to a special someone. When it comes to thoughtful yet attractive gifts, T&D Designs makes sure you are not disappointed.

Our company has screen printing and embroidery designs that will leave you amazed and satisfied. Our average lead time is no more than a week, and we use this time to organize the workload and avoid miscommunication. Temecula Embroidery and Screen Printing Services available also include silk screening, corporate apparel, customized goods, sublimation, and digital garment printing.

So, how can we use our unique designs to help you to get the best embroidery gift ideas this season?

Awesome embroidery gift ideas


We have successfully designed logos for company t-shirts and caps. There are several attires you can gift someone, most popular being tees, shirts, and footwear. And what better way than to remind someone how much they mean to you that through something they wear regularly? From head to toe, we delicately embroider unique logos and designs to leave your gift recipient happy.

You can embroider white sneakers and canvas, sweatshirts, jeans, and many more.


A bracelet or ring goes a long way when communicating something to someone. Regardless of whether you want to design the accessory or purchase one, our team can help you out. We have varying thread colors for the rings and patterns that can be stitched on the bracelet. For a less standard bracelet, slender leather bracelets make a great gift after a particular design is stitched on them.

On the other end, button erring is well appreciated in the market. They are adorable, durable, and easy to make. If you are looking for a last-minute or straightforward gift, this is definitely a perfect selection. Match these earrings with an embroidered necklace for a complete look.

Gifts for babies and households

Onesies and baby socks are fabulous gift ideas both for baby showers and newborn parties. If you have a special toddler in mind, we can easily have a design of your choice on the baby’s attire. Additionally, you can decorate your home with embroidered decor for a vintage yet embellished interior appearance. Ribbon roses and hoop sets also make lovely ideas for gifts for a big family.

Why should you choose T&D Designs for your embroidery and screen printing services? We are not only committed, but we also put your needs first. We aim to have the exact logo or pattern with the colors you desire. Pricing depends on how many stitches and the type of fabric we embroider on.

We are located in Murrieta, CA, and if you live in this area, San Diego, Orange, and Riverside regions, you can access our high-quality premium services.

Have your needs taken care of by a team that has been in business for over thirteen years. When you choose T&D Designs, you get superiority and satisfaction. Contact us today for a free estimate and quote.