How to Get Awesome Custom Shirts for Cheap

03rd May 2021 Digital Printing

Shirts are amazing. You can wear them to work, on a date, even as pajamas if you wanted to. Aside from the fact that they cover your nakedness, they are so comfortable that many of us sleep in them every night. One of the greatest joys in life is the feeling of a brand-new shirt, fresh out of the bag.

With a custom shirt, you can not only have this same feeling when it’s brand new, but also any time you want. No longer do custom shirts have to be for special occasions and events. Buying custom shirts for everyday use can save you a lot of money over time. In this post we will go over how to get great looking custom shirts for cheap.

Figure out what you want your custom shirt to say

Before you get started, it’s important to know what you want your custom shirt to say. Are you ordering a men’s t-shirt or women’s t-shirt? Do you have a favorite movie quote that you want printed on the back of the shirt? Do you want to make a statement or tribute someone with a themed shirt?

Choosing a shirt style is easy enough, but deciding what your custom shirt should say on it can be tricky. In order to understand how to get awesome custom shirts for cheap, you have to know exactly what message you want to send before you settle on a design.

Get an idea of how many shirts you’re going to need and what size

Getting a group of people together is fun. And there’s something about walking around with matching shirts that make you feel closer as a group. But there’s also something about getting those custom shirts for cheap… if you don’t do it right, you could be left with tons of leftover t-shirts and you have no one to blame but yourself.

T-shirt printing is relatively easy, for something that requires so much setup and management, there’s a lot of work but rarely any problems, so it’s one of the best products you can sell if you’re just starting out. Because people love t shirts. T-shirts are sold wherever you go: concerts, festivals, sports games. But all these venues of potential customers have different requirements. This is why you need to know how many shirts to print, and what sizes you should offer. You’ve done all the hard work and research to look into who your customer base is, where they hang out and now it’s time to sell your wares.

Convert your design into a digital file the printer can work with

Print-ready design files are necessary when you’re ready to go ahead and print your shirts. You just can’t send your printer a .JPG or .PNG file but rather a vector file, an artwork file, or a digitized file. You need to get the correct file format if you want your shirts to look their sharpest.

Most printers will give you a file format type they accept, such as .ai or .eps. This is where free software helps again. You can go to free websites that have digital outlining tools and create the design in a program. You can then save the outline file as the preferred file type for your printer, which is usually EPS or AI. If not, consult your printer to see what file type they require.

Cheap custom shirts are here for your business!

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