Screen Printing Temecula

29th Jun 2019 Digital Printing

Digital technology has transformed the world of graphic arts in Temecula. This has opened up new techniques that expand the artists’ horizons and enhance creativity in various forms that we never imagined were possible.

But no matter how strong the influence digital technology has on the world of graphic design or art, we shouldn’t take for granted the traditional printing processes, such as screen printing. Although many new methods of printing have emerged, screen printing remains to be one of the most reliable methods and offers many advantages when printing in Temecula.

Here are four reasons you should choose screen printing when printing your designs in Temecula.

Very Versatile

Screen printing accommodates a wide range of materials, including vinyl, fabric, rigid plastic, foam board, metal, glass and many others. This results in producing different products, such as banners, t-shirts, hats, posters and wallpapers using the same screens. It is also not limited by size or shape, so distinctive shapes like those of mugs and bottles can be designed using this printing method in Temecula.

Creates Unique and Authentic Outputs

Screen printing with T&D in Temecula creates unique visuals when compared to digital printing. The ink for screen printing is absorbed deeper, providing clearer edges to the image. Screen printing ink can also be applied thicker, resulting in long-lasting, brighter and more vibrant colours even on darker shades. For garment design that requires a high level of vibrancy when printing on dark grounds, screen printing is still the best option.

Cost-Efficient & Yields Large Volumes

Screen printing is more cost-efficient compared to digital printing since it can create large quantities of the design that you want at a faster turnaround. Higher volumes of identical graphics can also be mass produced using the screen printing process, making this the best printing option when processing larger orders with T&D in Temecula.

Provides Long-lasting, High Quality Results

The ability of the screen printing ink, like water based inks, to bond over the material of the garment results in a more durable and clearer image compared to digital printing. Heat-dried screen printing inks are also durable enough to handle repeat washing without cracking or fading. Also, additives and coatings can be added to the ink to make it resistant to UV rays, scratches, chemicals and moisture, allowing the products to last for many years.

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