Temecula Embroidery

02nd Jun 2020 Digital Printing

When it comes to custom clothing designs, there’s nothing more high-quality and memorable than well-done embroidery. A uniquely embroidered shirt can be a great way to represent a group, business, or simply proudly declare your own fashion and statements. No matter what cause you have to request custom embroidery, the goal you’ll always have in mind is one of precision and quality. If you’re looking to have these standards met and even exceeded, look no further than the professionals at T&D Designs. Our Temecula embroidery work upholds the highest degree of excellence, and we’re happy to deliver it to you at affordable costs for every request.

You might simply want a custom embroidered shirt for personal use, or a few matching pieces for family and friends. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding business after business that’s only willing to embroider your design in a large wholesale order. At T&D Designs, we require no minimum order for manufacture, opening up the possibilities for personal options. Whether your order is large or small, we provide great value and the same degree of consistent quality. Pricing will vary based on style and stitch count, but unlike printing services, using a wide variety of colors won’t determine the cost. Our Temecula embroidery jobs will typically take 5-7 days after approval, although we can also do rush jobs at a fee when requested. We know how much your custom designs mean to you, and we want to bring that into your hands in whatever way we can.

If you’re in search of other Temecula services besides just embroidery, T&D Designs may still have what you’re looking for. Our screen printing services utilize industry-leading technique and expert machinery to bring your designs to printed life. By filling open apertures in woven mesh stencils with ink, shirts and fabric can be printed with vivid color and precise detail. Digital printing is a modern alternative that prints directly to surface and can be more efficient for smaller orders. We can also print a wide variety of promotional items for your business or service. Regardless of your need, any work that we do at T&D Designs will meet the same high bar of quality that you can consistently trust.

Are you interested in finding out more about our Temecula embroidery services, or contracting custom embroidery from us today? We’re proud to offer and encourage free estimates on the work we do, and confident in the value that we can propose to all of our clients. You can submit media files of your artwork and request a quote on our website, and our experts will get back to you with an estimate efficiently, so that you can get the Temecula embroidery you need as soon as possible. Our interface accepts a variety of vector and image file options, making the system as convenient for you as possible. If you’d rather speak to our professionals over the phone. you can also easily contact us at (951) 303-5948. So what are you waiting for? We look forward to hearing from you!