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21st May 2019 Digital Printing

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Four Reasons Why You Should Choose to Embroider Your Product

When it comes to advertising, trends come and go. However, there is one trend that has continued to survive the test of time, and that’s embroidery. Everywhere you look, be it in sports, organizations, or in the corporate sector, embroidery logos are a trend that never seems to get old.

So what’s so special about embroidery that makes is a popular option? Here are four good reasons why embroidery outshines other printing methods.

Cleaner look. When needing a logo that will last and look crisp, always choose embroidery. People often choose screen printing because it is cheaper and easier to blend colors. However, when you require a more professional look, nothing beats embroidery.

Lasts longer. After a couple of cycles in the washer, screen printed shirts can start to fade. An embroidered logo retains its color much longer and will not fray like screen printed clothes can. The reason is because it is stitched onto a item by a high powered sewing machine.

More colors. Whether you need to use a single color or many colors for your product, the cost will not be as varied as it is with screen printing. Embroidery charges are based on a stitch count, not by color, meaning the size and detail of the logo will be the basis for the price.

Textured surfaces. You can only screen print on smooth surfaces, and does not work on all materials. This could limit what kind of clothing or product you want printed. With embroidery, that is not the case, and you have a larger selection of materials you can work with, including textured surfaces. When deciding between embroidery and screen printing on a textured surface, always choose embroidery.